2023 will be a rocky year, with a potential global economic slowdown decreasing spending on innovation while compelling investments in cost-cutting. The best prepared and smartest IT services vendors and consultancies will see through to the far side of any recession to rebounding spending on AI-fueled transformation supported by keep-the-email-system-working realities of core IT services. 


Digital Transformation

AI, automation and the metaverse:
Why digital transformation won’t be the same in 2023

Top 3 Predictions for Digital Transformation in 2023

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  • The metaverse only brings value to the marketing departments championing it, but the trends driving the metaverse’s false promises will have real impacts
  • Automation will lower costs and AI will transform businesses
  • IT services vendors and consultancies must demonstrate depth and breadth around hyperscalers’ technologies. Clients expect it, in part driven by what hyperscalers are telling them


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