The Biden administration’s FFY2023 budget looks to be a windfall for federal IT contractors, with a double-digit year-to-year increase in civilian IT spending, significant expansion in cybersecurity outlays across defense and nondefense sectors, and generous funding boosts for public health IT infrastructure and veteran care. Against the backdrop of record levels of technology investment spanning civilian and defense agencies alike, federal IT contractors are confident the federal IT market will remain growth friendly through 2023.


Federal IT Services

The bull market in federal IT will continue in 2023

Top 3 Predictions for Federal IT Services in 2023

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  • Federal IT vendors can expect demand for cloud-based solutions to remain strong and on an upward trajectory throughout 2023 and the next several years
  • Cybersecurity investment will accelerate to defend an ever-expanding threat landscape and combat rising cyber disruption in federal IT
  • Acquisitions will continue at a slow pace in the federal IT M&A market in 2023


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